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It is a platform that includes games developed by Spell of Play Studios
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hUb is an integral platform that allows you to play PC games developed and published by Spell of Play Studios, "SoP".
In the main window (full mode view) you can see all types of games, but you can select to view only the games' categories of your preference. In the slim mode view you will see only the installed games. You can download and play free games and try others before buying them. If you have tried a game, you can directly buy it from the hUb platform. Games don't require an internet connection, once they have been downloaded an installed. hUb includes action, puzzle, arcade, role playing games, racing, and more. Some of the listed games are: "Hero" retro-styled role playing game; "Sense" shooter game; "Roadclub" racing game, and more. hUb also automatically updates your games, if there is a new version available.

You can connect to the hUb platform as an anonymous user, or you can create a free account to login and get high scores. You can also chat with the Spell of Play community and get access to other stuff. Additionally, you can change the colors of the hUb's scheme by opening the options window.

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  • Games don't require internet connection, once they have been downloaded and installed


  • Some games may crash
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